Collins( /ᴵkɒlɪnz/ Nji( /ᴵŋdZɪ/ is a Software and Data Engineer who holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Mount St. Mary's University, awarded in December 2022. During his academic journey, he pursued double minors in Data Science and English Language, with a strong focus on the intersection of these disciplines.

Collins has a genuine passion for Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing. His recent projects have focused on applying distant reading techniques for psycholinguistic analysis in literature, developing prioritization models for NLP, and implementing weak supervision for programmatic data labeling. In the past, he has collaborated with various companies, translating conceptual ideas into tangible products and creating robust data pipelines to support data science and machine learning initiatives. A good summary of his work is listed on his resume.

Outside of his work, Collins enjoys outdoor exploration, artistic pursuits like drawing and writing, and delving into topics related to digital humanities. He is also an avid ultimate frisbee player.