Hi! I'm Collins( /ᴵkɒlɪnz/ Nji( /ᴵŋdZɪ/ a Software and Data Engineer with a passion for crafting innovative software solutions. I love diving into the world of software applications, especially when it comes to scaling them up, working on large language models, and exploring natural language processing (NLP).

Lately, I've been fascinated with using distant reading techniques for psycholinguistics analysis of English Literature, creating prioritization models for Natural Language Processing, and experimenting with weak supervision for data labeling. I'm currently building a highly scalable backend application for financial data analysis, among other exciting projects. A good summary of my previous work is on my resume :)

Outside of work, I enjoys outdoor exploration (hiking, walks, etc.), artistic pursuits like drawing and writing, and reading.

I am committed to continuous learning and collaboration, turning complex challenges into elegant solutions. Let's create something remarkable together.