Collins( /ᴵkɒlɪnz/ Nji( /ᴵŋdZɪ/ , an accomplished Software and Data Engineer, earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Mount St. Mary's University in December 2022. In addition to his major, he pursued a double minor in Data Science and English Language. Collins possesses a fervent passion for Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing, with recent endeavors centering around the application of distant reading techniques for psycholinguistic analysis in literature, development of prioritization models for NLP, and implementation of weak supervision for programmatic data labeling.

Beyond his expertise in software engineering, Collins has an extensive background collaborating with diverse companies on multifaceted projects. He excels in transforming conceptual ideas into tangible products and constructing robust data pipelines to facilitate data science and machine learning initiatives. For a comprehensive overview of his professional experience, refer to his resume.

In his leisure time, Collins enjoys exploring the outdoors, engaging in artistic pursuits such as drawing, writing, and reading. He also enjoys exploring subjects pertaining to digital humanities, the intersection of social justice and technology, and finally, playing ultimate frisbee.