Collins( /ᴵkɒlɪnz/ Nji( /ᴵŋdZɪ/ is a Software and Data Engineer who holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Mount St. Mary's University, awarded in December 2022. During his academic journey, he pursued double minors in Data Science and English Language, with a strong focus on the intersection of these disciplines.

Collins enjoys diving into the world of software applications — especially when it comes to scaling them up, working on large language models, and exploring NLP. Lately, he's been intrigued by using distant reading techniques to analyze psycholinguistics in English literature, creating prioritization models for NLP tasks, experimenting with weak supervision for data labeling, and even building a highly scalable backend application using a serverless architecture for financial analysis (among other things).

In the past, he's worked at different companies, turning abstract ideas into concrete products with a strong focus on product delivery to support various customer journeys and drive revenue and productivity. For a snapshot of his journey, you can check out his resume

Outside of his work, Collins enjoys outdoor exploration, artistic pursuits like drawing and writing, delving into topics related to digital humanities, reading, and watching Marvel movies.